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Welcome to the Laser Harp site

The Laser Harp is a light-sensitive musical instrument. It is played by moving hands over laser light sources in order to send MIDI commands when a beam is interrupted. These commands can be sent to different electronic devices such as synthesizers, samplers, MIDI controllers and other.
The first Laser Harp was invented by Bernard SZAJNER in 1981, and Jean Michel JARRE (a French composer, performer and music producer) has been using it since then.
In 2005, Franck MORISSEAU (an electronic engineer) launched a new laser harp project using the ILDA interface, and successfully developed a new electronic module to switch dynamically the color beams (RGB) and to sense the hand height while playing music.
Laurent BERTH (a software engineer) met Franck MORISSEAU in 2008 and the team has since developed a version 2 of this laser harp. They both promote free information-sharing about Laser Harp projects allowing everyone to build his/her own user-friendly laser instrument.
Laurent MAILLET (also a software engineer) met us in 2013 and has developed the Laser Harp Remote Control in Java language available on all platforms (PC and MAC).

Laser Harp features:
- Full color ILDA connector to use with standard laser projector.
- Multiple sensors for open or close frame mode.
- The latest sensor works with ambiant light and sense the hand height allowing to modify the pitch bend or other settings.
- Easy Note programmation, each beam (1-20 beams adjustable) can learn and play 5 notes simultaneously (chord).
- Laser beams can be modulated or not modulated with color toggle for played note.
- MIDI Input and Output for synthesizers or samplers (toggle the pattern-parts).
- Software Remote Controller to manage, to backup and to share your data memory.
- Bootloader to update easily the firmware in using the Software Remote Controller.
- Mini USB connector or Bluetooth wireless to update the firmware and to use the software remote control.
- Velocity (range from 0 to 127) and Channel (range from 1 to 16) adjustable.
- 20 characters 4 lines backlighted LCD and 3 backlit buttons.
- Optional remote LCD to show useful information near the musician.
- The color of each beam can be choosen for note ON & OFF (switch dynamically the color).
- Memory of 20 tracks - 20 beams - 5 notes by beam.
- Memory of 10 playlists - 40 tracks - for automatic switch track (send bank to synthesizer), perfect for concert :)
- Remote control with four foots switch for opening/closing frame, switching track/bank and swithing octave +/- (x3).
- Visual effects like the vibrating strings and the beam color keeping 400ms after the note is played.
- MIDI thru, emits a copy of everything received at the input port.
- MIDI SysEx MMC Play for the opening and MMC Stop for the closing of the beams frame.
- MIDI program change for the opening (Cn 7E) and the closing (Cn 7F) of the beams frame.
- Working in stand alone mode as a learning instrument in "slave mode".
Other improvements to come...

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